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The College Resource Publication

The College Resource Material Series is a periodic publication by the Police Senior Command and Staff College – Bwebajja. It is one of a series of publications the college will produce periodically in its efforts to enhance research and publications. The publication is one of the means we intend to employ in our efforts to situate the College as a producer of Intellectual Knowledge, Practical and Skills, Current Information and Modern Approaches that will inform policing in the country and in the region.

It is one way through which we intend to achieve the College Mission “of a center of Excellence in Police Studies and Research that Fosters public safety and Security”

To achieve this, our mission is to foster professionalism among police officers by equipping them intellectually and practically, in Skills that are required in securing life, rights property and dignity of the public they serve

All the works contained in this publication are as a result of research conducted by our students Both on the Senior Command and Staff Course  conducted at the college and Intermediate Command and staff Course . The different papers are extracted from their master’s Degree Dissertation that were well supervised, examined and passed for award of a degree of Masters of Arts in Peace, Security and Governance of the United Nations University for Peace, (UPEACE). – COSTARICA

All the articles are related to different aspects of Policing, Peace, Security, Governance and Human Rights. •Being a product of Research, the Articles offer Findings and Recommendations arrived at through a scientific research methods and can therefore be relied upon. It is one of the College efforts to contribute to the already existing body of knowledge in the field of policing, peace security, governance and human rights. Police leadership, Manager’s Commanders and whole workforce can therefore use these materials to inform Policy, Command, Operations, Training and work methods so as to improve the different aspects of policing in the country.

We encourage the police fraternity, scholars and all other interested persons to read these materials, use them to gain understanding of the different aspects patenting to their work and make improvements.

Other materials the College will be producing periodically, in Resource Material Series from students of the Intermediate Command and Staff Course, a bi-annual College Journal on Policing, Peace, Security, Governance and Human Rights a police law Journal and the peoples’ Guardian Magazine and others

We wish you good reading

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