College Motto: Knowledge for Public Safety and Security

Course preparations


Personal effects. The course is residential and you are required to report with the following items: •

  1. Civilian clothes
  2. Sportswear
  3. Canvas shoes
  4. Pocket money
  5. Passport size photographs (4 in uniform dress without cap and 4 in civilian dress)
  6. Toiletries
  7. A valid passport

Reporting to the college.
All participants shall assemble at the Police Headquarters on the reporting day and thereafter transported to the college.

No participant shall be admitted in the college after the reporting dates.


Computer Literacy
  1. Nominated officers are expected to be computer literate.
  2. Participants are encouraged to come with their laptop computers, modems and flash drives as they would be expected to submit their solutions to the various exercises in typewritten form.

This will apply to both syndicate room and take home exercises. Proficiency in the use of basic programs like MS Word and MS Power Point is an advantage

Course Reading Material
Participants are to be issued with course-reading materials on arrival. The issued materials remain College property and Participants are expected to keep them in good condition. All stationery shall be provided by the College


Dress code
All course Participants shall be in working dress uniform during study periods. You are required to bring along with you the following dress among others.
  1. 2 pairs of working uniforms.
  2. 1 pair of ceremonial uniform to be worn during important functions.
  3. Sufficient civilians clothing, jackets and tie for wearing during desired occasions as may be deemed necessary from time to time throughout the course.


. There will be two breaks during the course in which the course participants will be allowed to go back to their respective homes.
. The college shall provide transport to Participants during college activities like field visits and tours. No personal motor vehicles are allowed at the college except picking and dropping officers during breaks.
Breast feeding officers.
  The college shall provide facilities to accommodate their helpers while on course.
Telephones and any electronic device
shall be off during class sessions to avoid unnecessary interruptions. It is a serious offence to use a mobile phone and any other electronic device during sessions. Anybody caught in the above act, the device shall be withdrawn for the entire course period.
All banks have got their branches in Entebbe town and Kampala city. You are advised to arrange cashing facilities with your bank’s branch in time.
.Officers may entertain their guests in the college canteen only during breaks. All visitors are required to register at the quarter guard where they will be issued visitors cards. In such circumstances, officers must ensure their visitors conform to the college rules. Visitors are not allowed in the accommodation quarters.
. Security within the College premises and its surroundings is good. However, Participants are advised to be security conscious.

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