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The Police Senior Command and Staff College – Bwebajja intends to publish it’s quarterly Journal that will focus on the broad areas of Policing, Law, Crime, Peace, Security, Governance, Human Right and related field. The Journal will provide a platform for writers to offer a critical and deeper analysis of different aspects of Laws, their contents and enforcement challenges. It will also offer an opportunity to deeply analyse different crimes and their trends, impact, enforcement challenges and solutions. Court decisions that impact of policing and law enforcement will also be heavily discussed as well as other policing aspects.

Judgments that have changed the Police legal landscape

1. Mr. Muwanga Kivumbi vs Attorney General (Constitutional Petition No. 9 of 2005) [2008] UGCC 4 (27 May 2008);
2. Dr. Olara Otunu Vs Attorney General – Police cannot summon witness.
3. Mr Moses Mwandha Vs Attorney General – Police Cannot disperse Rallies
4. Mr. Mubiru Kisingiri Christopher Vs Uganda – (HCT-0OCR-CN-O108 – 2015) [2016] UGHCCRD 6 (19 April 2016);


Writers are advised to focus on any aspect of the areas outlined below;
New laws
1. Human Rights Enforcement Act 
2. Public Order Management Act   
3. Anti-Torture Act    
4. The Domestic Violence Act    
5. Anti-Human Trafficking Act 
6. The offence of Idle and Disorderly and other offences in abeyance 
  1. Crime
•Analyzing the crime trends in Uganda.

•Understanding the Crime/ offence of Defilement (being the leading offence)

•New developments in PF3 and their demands on Police work
•Understanding crime and punishment  
2. Human Rights
3. Legal Rights Vs Human Rights

The synopsis, addressed to the Chief Editor, Police College Journal of Law Enforcement and Crime, either physically or by Email.

Articles should be sent to; Muganzi Edison on Email;
Tel. 0712827639 copied Dr. John Kamya on Email;
Tel. 0712827372, 0714668043, And Deputy Commandants Alungat Barbara Tel 0711778231
  Final article
Those whose synopses will be approved will be given a period of One Month to develop their articles further. All articles shall be subjected to peer review before publication.The final article shall not be less than 5,000 words and not more than 10,000.


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