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If the draw deck runs out for the third time during step four , the game ends immediately. This player has created a field with three Garden Beans. When they harvest the three cards, they will sell them for three coins. Flip over one card that you just sold to the coin side for each coin you earned. Add these cards to any coin cards you already acquired.

  • The current player can trade/donate as many cards as they want, to as many players as they want.
  • A lot of the strategy in the game comes from the trading/donating and the game does a great job in this regards.
  • When the game is over, count up the coin cards to see who’s won.
  • Nakoa has unmatched passion for game mechanics and strategy.

Players cannot change the order of their cards at any time during the game since that would alter this step. The player can play their next bean card on an empty bean field or on a field with the same type of beans planted. Each player starts with two invisible fields in which to plant beans. A third field may be bought by any player at any point during the game for three coins. Each field may contain any number of bean cards, of any one bean type. If a bean of a type different from those already growing in a field is planted into that field, the beans previously in it get harvested for coins.

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It is played with a deck of cards with comical illustrations of eleven different types of beans , which the players are trying to plant and sell in order to raise money. The original game is for three to five players and takes about one hour to play, but the Rio Grande edition adds alternative rules to allow games for two or seven players. Players may harvest beans at any time even if it is not their turn. When harvesting beans the player receives coins based on the number of bean cards in the field. Players flip one of the cards from the field for each coin earned and sets them aside for later.

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You can harvest a field even when you aren’t the active player. After you have planted one or two cards, you will draw the top two cards from the draw deck. Place both cards face up on the table so everyone can see the bean on each card. If I had one major complaint about Bohnanza it would have to be the length of the game. The game lists the length at around 45 minutes but I think that is quite optimistic.

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If you’re somebody who is looking for more games considered to be Full Report challenging, then have a look at the Resistance rules and the Gaia Project rules. Both are examples of board games and card games designed for teenagers and adults. As part of the third phase, any player who received a card and placed them next to their fields must now plant them. That player offers any card that they can’t plant to players for a trade. Check out our FAQs on the rules surrounding trading cards.

Once all fields have been harvested, the players count up how many coins they currently have. Players will keep taking turns until the draw deck runs out of cards for the third time. If this happens during the second step , you will continue playing the current turn until you complete the third step . Should there not be enough cards for the active player to draw both cards at the start of the third step, they will draw whatever cards remain.

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The game ends when the draw deck has been emptied for the third time. If this happens in phase two phase three may be completed and then the game ends. If a player cannot draw two cards in phase 2, they may just draw one.

Put them in the back of your hand, behind the last card, in the order you draw them. Then, the player to your left becomes the new active player. End your turn by drawing three cards, one after the other, from the draw pile. You may all trade using your hand cards, no matter where they are in your hands. If you do not have any cards in your hand at the start of phase 1, skip it and go straight to phase 2. You are allowed to plant the same kind of bean in two different fields at the same time, but not two kinds of bean in the same field.

A key Bohnanza rule is that cards cannot shuffle and must play them in the order that they get dealt. Use whichever method you would like to pick a player to start, give them the starting player card. Shuffle the entire deck of cards, and deal out 5 cards to each player.